Growing Up

A poem about ageing and how we battle to grow older when we are young, but try to reverse it when we grow older.


When you’re young and really small,

You want to grow up so fast.

But the days pass by so slowly,

They’re boring, unfair and they last.


When you’re in the middle,

The end is just in sight.

You’ll be the adult you want to be,

And everything will be alright.


But now as the birthdays come and go,

That special age draws near.

Responsibility is the only thing,

That when you were young you did not hear.


So you waste your final childhood days,

Grasping at the wonder that you held dear,

Wishing that time would just hold still,

So you could enjoy another blissful year.


We all have felt this, everyone,

So do not turn away with blind eyes.

For when it’s you turn to grow up,

You’ll be the one who cries –

“I want to be young again”


Written on the 30th October 2008... posted on on the 23rd April 2009

The End

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