Growing Pains

A child learns about how the world works.


I was walking yesterday and i
Caught the sun in a purple jar but it
Was overgrown with mold
And the gold-tinged soup
Was getting moldy too so i
Was scared and i
Dumped it out on the lawn.


I learned about Evaporation later in school so i
Went back to see if if the sun had
Evaporated back into the sky but it
Was still lying there on the ground
And it was cold and
The sky was bluish-gray and i
Trudged home in my new red raincoat
Feeling the plastic
For the color.


Nobody wanted to play with me anymore
So i was bored and i took
The sun back in the jar, or i tried to at least
But it was like egg yolk
And it kept slipping back through my fingers
Or touching the mixing bowl, or sliding back down.

Well i wasn't worried i took the jar
And there was some yellow in it and it hurt my eyes
And i cried because it was so beautiful and brilliant
And besides it wasn't mine
But it needed me
To teach it how to


I climbed up the tree
The oak
The old gnarly one
And i got brownish dust all over my small fingers
But i gripped that jar so tightly
That some of its red-purple rubbed off on me
And i reached the top
And i pulled off my socks
The white ones with the colorful bows
And i raised that jar of sun
High above my head
Like as if i was the KING.

I held it in front of my foot
And kicked it high up in the air
Quickly and Scornfully
Because it was a little thing like
So it didn't know any better
And then my back was warm again
And i looked up
And the sky wasn't so blue-gray and cold anymore
And my friends wanted to play with me again.


After that i let things be
And i didn't go catching suns in jars anymore
And i just let myself grow up.

The End

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