Growing in Love

I did not fall in love

Because I have not been hurt.

The lover of my soul brings me peace and hope.

The intimacy He and I share only makes me cry tears of joy.

He healed the wounds I felt from my past,

He keeps me from stumbling on the blocks ahead.

How can one say they have fallen in love?

If they have not been hurt?

The fire burning in my inner being

Burns only for the love He gives in my life.

He is my comfort when I feel pain.

He turns dry leaves into the scent of new roses.

During a day of rain,

He is the ray of sunshine that shines only for me.

All the precious gifts He has given me,

The beautiful gifts He will continue to give,

Proves that He loves me unconditionally, without a doubt.

I know I have not fallen, especially not in love,

It was His love that lifted me,

I have grown in love with Him.

The End

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