Growing and Leaving

Mask myself as I awake and think again of you

You, the silent part of me who sinks into the shadows

Dead and yet alive to me, forever as a ghost

Close my eyes and stare at you through halls of endless windows.


Mask my words as I remember natural friendship blooming

Two of many buds among a bed of many beds

Sly remarks and criticisms, arrogance and fun

Two of many flowers grinning, laughing, far ahead.


Point and laugh below me and I see you do the same

Our fellow flowers all look up to us, and we look down.

The longer we were up there, the more we grew to see

We had much more in common than we had upon the ground.


More than flowers, more than friends, unmask myself to you

And you the same- a loving, caring, honest little liar.

Who’d have thought that two united only by conceit

Could grow together into something even we admired?


Unmasked, and now defenseless, we returned to solid ground

Faced our strangers once again and told them our new names.

With better eyes and honesty I looked beneath myself

And learned what I was looking for and you were not the same.


I closed my eyes and struggled to ignore the thought until

I found what I was looking for and knew it was for good.

True, I knew I loved you, but there’s more to life than that,

And so I wandered on and said goodbye as plainly as I could.

The End

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