Keeping Up Appearances

My world is falling apart,
and my skies have caved in
on me. Metaphorical hellfire burns
me from the inside,
And I can't escape it - it's within me.
Every aspect of my pitiful existence is fraught
With problems, and they never cease to
Pile up around me.
And the voices within gorge on the gout in my
It never stops, it never eases up.
It just gets worse.
So I drink and smoke, until I’m burning in
Oblivion, every shot and every drag ebbing
At my life. Blissful Oblivion has become my only

But I get up each morning,
and spray on the face
and slap on the smile.
I straighten out the creases on my brow,
and I step out into the world.
My smile hides the pain
and no-one sees the internal combustion within
because I don't let them.
Personal issues stay just that,
and I laugh and I smile at the folly of others,
not letting the hellfire blaze through.
Because image is everything,
so keeping up appearances is the way I survive.

But one day, the mask will slip
and crumble away.
And when it does, nothing will ever be the same.

The End

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