Grim Flyers and Hopeful Hearts

This is a two part poem that again could be interpreted in different ways depending on one's outlook. I like to think that its about two facets of humanity striving to come together like long separated twins in order to change their existence, but it could be something else. Comments would be great.

Grim Flyers

There are worlds divided but the membrane sees

Worlds full of black flowers and watchers that flee

Where candles burn and inky shadows play

Shrouded by night, delighted by day.

Grim flyers rise from ashes

Spin cocoons of pure gold sashes

Their eyes are burning embers

We try hard to remember

Wings primordial, beating silent.

Their world is harsh and violent.

Yet they rise from deadened soot

And they soar where we dare not set foot.

The spirits of the twilight

They gather praying in eldritch light

The only one for sprawling miles

Flaring like an angel’s smile.

Behind the veil, the flyers stand guard

Here for the music, here for the Bard.

They stand unseen in the clouded abyss

Longing for contact, for Destiny’s kiss.


Hopeful Hearts

Hopeful hearts grow strong in sunlight

Profoundly moved by humanity’s plight

If there’s nothing to be done, they seek Beyond

Hoping for an answer, for Fate to respond.

On the other side of the phantom plane,

We hear voices and we try to explain

The maze of minds that busily surge

Demanding redemption, demanding a purge.

No matter how bleak the eve

No matter how strange the day

We rejoice, persist and grieve

Reveling in the way

The breeze carries seeds of life

Growing new despite our strife.

The dreams of millions are reborn again.

The sleepers crawl from lightless dens

Budding trees know change is nigh

Here only to live, never to lie.

Whatever we’re thinking

Whatever we’ve done

The voices of hope, the click of our guns,

Does not the stop the ascent of the sun

Even when Death comes, life has begun.

The End

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