He's gone...

Tears of the sky
Create rivers down my back
The footstep of each drop
Soaking me through
Making me colder
As I think about you

The smell of wet grass
Overcomes my senses
A feeling of grievance
Welling up inside
Wanting to keen
As I wade out this tide

The rain tastes sweet
Like your every kiss
I do not shed a tear
Silence is what keeps me sane
For me it's insanity's
Only bane

Nothing can be seen
The gravestones are hidden
In a waterfall of grey
Suddenly, it comes; all the dread
Remembering everything
You're already dead

I close my eyes firmly
Listening to the pounding rain
Sifting through my mind
My memories mock me
Vaguely reminding me of
the face I'll never again see

Your smell
Your taste
Your gentle touch
Your voice
Your smile
How I've missed you so much

Tears of the sky
Create rivers down my back
Making me shake
I'm no longer proud
I fall to my knees
And cry out aloud
The End

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