Greggy <3

Greg was an ex, he died in 2009 and every day I think about him everyday.

This is just one of many poems I wrote for him

I'm sorry you felt there was no place here,

I'm sorry you have gone, but now there is no fear.

Don't worry about us we’ll do just fine

Thinking of you when we have the BEST glass of wine.


We know you’re safe where ever you are,

Sorry you never got your dream car.

Everyone will remember you were a lot of fun

How you would always talk about holding a gun.

I made you watch Mamma Mia, my favourite “movie”


Don’t lie to me you loved it especially when I got groovy

Mimicking everything they said and showing how they feel

Sorry we never completed our deal:

One chick flick then 3 war films a week we agreed.

But things just happened at too much of a speed!


Wished I was there to help you through the pain,

But now we have to believe that you’re happy again!

How you just upped and left without a sign

Just wish that you were back home, safe, feeling fine.


You’re such a muppet “Greggy” because you had the talent

And now you’re gone please tell me you wish you hadn’t...!!!

Rest in peace Greg on behalf of everyone

We can’t get to grips the fact you’re gone!!!

The End

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