Green Talk and her blue speaking

and i remember the twin pangs in our chests
when they told us we were sorted into different classes

your perpetually tangled dirty-blonde hair swept behind your shoulders
those wide brown-blue eyes that are usually tinted in some sort of confusion 
and the way you fidget

and i remember thinking 
this is bad 

i remember thinking
you will leave us in the end 

and you did

to the Green Talk, 
i wish you hadn't
but i won't begrudge you your new friends

you were ready to move on 
so we let you go past us 
and i think both you and us regret that sometimes

but it's too late
what's done is done 

so yeah, i miss your flailing hands when you talk
and the way you get flustered easily 

and are kind of a little sweet around the edges

and i know you dislike me now 
i won't try to get back in your good graces

just -

know that i miss you. 

The End

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