Green Bat

Just posting a poem here.

Lying green bat
Why not rhyme?
There’s much that rhymes
With your name.

I ain’t got time
For your word,
Hanging on top
I can’t give time.

Cry a story,
Tears fill the pool
Oil, water
Vinager, burnt cinnamon.

Crouded light
Sell your perfume
Stuff me with lies
Green bat.

Run that by me
What is it?
You know me well,
Like I care.

Flying around
How is it
You know me well,
Like I care.

What is it you see?
All you do
Fly around hang around.

See what you do
Is nothing around
You fill the
Hanging with
And all that perfume
Crouding around
On a ceiling not seeing
But telling what you see.

So here we are
I the captive
You the green bat
Who tells my story
Based on what you see
Blind as a .

Green bat I see you
I can sell you
Because I can.

Stop lying up
Tell it true
If I see you
I’ll tell you -

Who I be
All of my stone
Gravity on
Awake and all.

This is no
Party you see
We cannot
Deny the ray
Of filthed light.

Sunshine lost
To a battered

Now I feel
The bite of your

Leave me to .

The End

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