Greatness From Small Beginnings

Somethings as seen in the movies;
They always come bearing gifts.
Although children of imperfection,
They seem to be able to make the shift,

From good to bad, or vice versa
Because that is just who they are.
And since they are just fictional,
I doubt that they'll leave a scar

They love those who praise or hate
Their lack of sympathetic benevolence
They are the monarchs of greatness from small beginnings
And rule with apathetic malevolence.

They may not be the kindest ones,
But they still deserve respect.
You may or may not even consider them human,
But you still find it in you heart to connect

With them in ways you wouldn't have
Even dared to even dream existed.
Despite having accepted the truth that you love them
Onward, you try to resist it.

I pity you in ways you can't imagine
Because you deny how you feel
But since I'm merely a viewer of this film
I do not write the spiel. 

The End

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