grave yard

walking in a grave yard

i met you on the way

you are so close to me

in a telepathic way

hopefuly i trust you

loveing in true vibes

i wash away all sorrow

with my siblings i feel alive

so if you want to share

i will always be there

you have to make an effort

or the truth of you

 i will not able to bare

sit with me in romance

sit with me in truth

i am so reluctant

and i feel i could be used

so bond with me in extacy

bond with me in faith

i feel you in me every cell

waiting for your embrace

so peacfully i carry myself

in a silent and graceful mode

i ponder about the after math

and the truth that shall be told

sip with me a flowing river

sip with me in the divine

i am so alive

when you speak with your soulful eyes

kiss me in my wakeing

kiss me in the sun

i am so inviteing

shurely you saw some

i leave you with my love

i leave you with my kiss

i leave you with a hope

and a everlasting bliss

The End

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