It's a cold word,

With a cold meaning,

You think the pain you feel isn't real

But it's just the start

You hold up your walls

but their falling apart

You hope in your heart that it isn't real

But it is

Your wound abounds 

While your heartache resounds

and you hear all the sounds 

but you can't believe it

because once you do

it's real.

Your walls will fail

you'll pull back your veil 

and see with your eyes 

the pain that resides in the tears that you cry.

and all at once you have to ask  'Why? '

And nothing can stop the pain that you feel

even the questions you ask as you kneel

and even the answers that you'll never get,

will fill you something much worse than regret,

You cry and you cry until your face is all wet,

and you sit back down and cry some more

'cause that's all you can do

no words can comfort, no prayers to be said,

requests ignored by the guy in the sky,

but i'm not mad 

just lost, lost in the pain,

lost in loss, no remedy to hold to

nothing but the darkness

It bleeds through your chest,

contaminating your soul,

the memories make you laugh

but the pain remains, 

The world looks bleak as you see the sun,

and your friends move on,

as your left alone in your pain,

They can't see it, 

'cause this face will never show

all the pain i feel inside that i keep deep below,

Below my heart, and my skin

Someplace deeper than my sin,

and what of that?  you may ask,

and i'll tell you of my task,

I've hated God, and hated man, 

I've hated the world and where it began..

I've hated money and the saints,

I've hated colors and paints, 

I've hated water, earth and fire,

I've hated all that we desire,

I've hated all and golden wire,

I've hated, that is my sin,

nothing that shows beneath my skin.

The End

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