Bent truth...

My mind is a maze

of paths and colors

though I feel different than others

I feel my heart pump and I know that there's blood

but the blood that I feel couldn't really be real. 

They lie. It's what they do. They take the truth and bend it in two. 

They take that mutation and bind you and it. 

and take you and drop you back down through a pit. 

It feel's dark for forever,

not a moment will pass that you don't wish forever will bend on it's self

and reverse the time you've spent in this whole. 

for they put a tear in your mind and a hole in your chest.

they said it was normal, "you did your best." 

but when you sleep and your dreams can't rest

they'll just simply say "you must be depressed"

But they lie. that's just what they do. They take the truth and they bend it in two.

P.S. I don't know exactly what this means... but I don't think that depression is fake.. just to clarify... I have it, I should know.. 

The End

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