Silence Screams..

Silence screams,

I can't see it,

I can't here it,

But i can feel it,

I can feel it like the pain in my chest when I smile,

I can feel the emptiness,

The gaping hole of what you might call reality,

The emptiness I see is everywhere,

I can breath it,

I can feel it,

I can taste it,

It's bitter and painful,

it bites into me,

takes pieces from my joy,

Sometimes I can't stop it,

It's everywhere, after all in it's wake my voice is empty,

broken and unheard,

like rushing waves,

I lose myself,

Turned by a mask into a smile,

and only that,

a mask,

but this silence that scraems,

turns everything into a cold lonely winter one without an end,

The silence continues until the end,

and in the end,

The silence screams...

The End

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