I wrote this late at night. It's unfinished.

must i call an exorcist just to

rough out the diamonds that

grandpappy was supposed to leave behind

but i guess any of pappy's will do no more

than sit and stare and forget

and turn to dust when there are no more

little white girls in funeral dresses

left to remember.

all your marbleheadstone blues are

white trash

trust me, i'm a nurse, forgive me, i'm an artist

merely here to sketch out your pine box, ma'am

the wood's hungry for a full house

and i know you've put in all your chips

but the bill says it's time to fold

but wait-


the blond melody girls

still sing along to their tinkly tunes

and go home and show their breasts to walls

who can't even punch them out a rhythm

The End

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