I'll always be just one man
But I don't need you to help me be seen.
I can sing her to sleep myself;
And I can treat her just like a queen. 

Just another passerby,
A heart that wants to be gold
I try my very best for her
Love just seems to sing and unfold.

A dream upon a dream
In a desperate luckless field,
I can carve these words into my heart
And I shall never yield.

With eyes of green, and a piercing smile;
A demeanour bringing forth tears
A comfort stands with open arms
And frowns become my fears

Not without imperfection,
When her intensity rolls me along
Those moments at 2am when I smile;
These reasons I wrote you a song.

I feel that I'm just a man,
So just a man I shall then be
But she makes the stars crash down in shame,
And that's all I wanted to see.

All I intended are those perfect moments,
Summer breeze with sweetness in arms.
A heart entrusted to my bleeding hands
In return, I can feel your charms

Skip and smile tonight darling, 
New incredulousness, brush my eyes
A kiss for these moments here, my love
These minutes fall like flies 

Surpass these expectations
A free soul, we become unbound
We could sing tonight, for us,
The city just begs for the sound

The words won't sit on the tip of my tongue,
Unafraid to pour out my heart
Despite the thousands surrounding us
They can pick up the words I impart

It seems that I can forever drown in you
But these minutes are marching in time,
So I just keep on turning clock hands,

For is missing you such a crime?

The End

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