A soft memoir of eyes half closed,
When we pull off from the sweetest of kisses.
Somewhere, a thousand miles away,
A butterfly makes it out of its cocoon,

Gracefully flitters away. 

Tremors in life, when a frown fixates,
If I could slide back to the door of her house,
Wipe the tears from her cheek, and replace with my lips
My wish to shower her with smiles. 

Details to draw out just another laugh
Remain first forever in my mind,
All I can hope for is another hug
And I'll fly before we part.

Just a second to run, eyes flow past her,
But I snap as my breath is stolen away
She stuns me with beauty, and I'm kissed with her looks
I am embraced by her presence tonight.

When you put your fingers in between mine,
The world shrinks down to the size of a pea
I'm a king in my mind, my smile won't be erased
These kisses are pure liquid gold.

I will not rest till I can rest with you
And I will not die if you'll be cold at night
I won't close my eyes, for I won't see you
And I'll kill the dark.

I'll be your light.

The End

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