Lemmings love

Sociopathic Behaviour

Really should be stopped!

With lots of  tiny bodies,

Chipped and lopped and chopped!

How can we be so heartless?

How could you be so cruel?

Too torture innocent creatures!

And children think its cool!

God bless those little creatures!

They really should be saved!

Lets set up a new charity

And hide them far away!

Soon they will be endangered!

And there will be none to see,

I'm sure they help the environment

And pretty soon you'll see!

I'm going to sue atari

For causing such a riot!

Because I'm sure these little creatures,

Deserve some peace and quiet!

So bless ye little Lemmings

Who are walking straight off cliffs

We the L.S will save you

And send you lots of gifts!

So think all you game players,

Before leading them astray,

Just what will this planet look like,

If Lemmings went away?

Yours Sincerely The Lemming Society.

The End

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