Email Mania!



When you asked your question, I really must confess,

To answer in affirmative, was it for the best?

But I strived within my soul and came to this conclusion,

That yes E-mail IS the best; I must clear your confusion!

E-mail is just fabulous; it needs not a pen,

Nor paper, stamp, nor envelope, and one minute, not ten!

Trouble expressing your emotions? Well my dear don’t you strain,

For you have your smilies to express joy, sadness, blushes, pain!

(The only problem with these, is when you talk ‘in real life’

And your conversation is with hidden meanings, rife.

You may reach for the menu bar, but nay! It is not there,

The smilies cannot help you, woe! Despair, despair!)

And of course in e-mail you get it instantly,

We can exchange a novel’s worth of words before our tea,

And if we’re in separate rooms and our legs need a rest,

Why bother getting up when with E-MAIL we are blessed?

So dear confused one, I hope this cleared your mind,

And to this message you will reply in kind,

Forget your stamps and paper and all will be well!

So e-mail me back sweetie, and I’ll TTYL.

The End

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