Messenger Madness...

Look how popular I am,

Look at all my friends:

Theres malcolm and theirs Jason

And theres Dominic and Ben.

Just look how awesome I am,

Why won't you come and see?

All the glamourous people,

Who want to speak with me!

Look how pretty I am,

My webcams always glowing,

To show my lowly subjects,

All the flesh that I am showing,

Just look how wicked I am

I message friends from school

To show off all my glam

And they still know that I'm cool!

Look how popular I am

I think its plain to see

Just exactly what MSN

Is trying to do to me!

Its been almost five years now,

I really should leave my flat,

But now I have the internet,

I think I'm done with that!

The End

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