World of warcraft!

Call the Geek Emergency Line,

There’s one who’s sinking fast.

Eyes glazed, mouth slack, body slouched back,

Victim of World of Warcraft

Poor Geeks are easily taken,

With its beguiling play,

Only £8 a pack to start it,

Seems a cheap price to pay.

You’ve got your warriors, your warlocks,

For the Geek with real frustrations,

Your mages and your shamans,

Are causes for fascination

Your druids and your hunters,

For the Geek who hugs the trees,

Your priests for the drinkers,

And tunics that free the knees,

For the Geek who cherishes anarchy,

The much admired rogues,

And Paladins for heroes,

And for those who like the clothes

Taken in little doses, the game is entertaining,

My problem, dear listeners, is only pertaining,

Those who log four hours a day, or maybe even more,

Enraptured by the gameplay while their hygiene grows more poor…

So when your Geek starts to smell and their eyes grow glazed,

And you can poke them with a pin and they appear unfazed,

Call the Geek Emergency Line for white-coated staff,

To come rehabilitate your friend, which, if you’re watching, is a laugh :)

(Disclaimer: I mean no offence to WOW players. I'm sure many of them are in fact awesomely cool people. I merely stereotype for the purpose of good rhyming. 'Awesomely cool' doesn't rhyme as well as 'geek' :))

The End

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