Yakking on Yahoo

Oh tell me poor people all over the world!

All of the questions currently hurled

All of the enquiries, queries and ponders,

All of lifes little foibles and wonders!

Oh Tell me poor people, it drives me insane!

Whats going on in your poor little brains?

You prod and you poke! You whine and you cry!

Are you reclusive or maybe just shy?

Oh tell me you bloggers and nerds and you geeks!

Those people on macs which they've taught how to speak!

You people with problems who just hide away!

Who don;t have the courage to pipe up and say!

Oh poor little people all over the world,

Who haven't got time for the boys and the girls,

Please can you tell me, all internet prancers....

Why look for wisdom on Ye Olde Yahoo Answers?

The End

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