Lets Ask Jeeves!

One of my biggest internet peeves,

Is that well-known search engine, ‘Ask Jeeves’.

Well I’ve asked him and tasked him again and again!

So Jeeves, you rotter, why won’t you explain?

I’ve sent you query after query and you never call me back,

When I press you for answers all I get is ads and flack,

You avoid my questions till I give up with a sigh,

But Jeeves, you awful fella, won’t you at least tell me why?

Why do you only seek to perplex and confuse,

My slightly inexactness in my questions you abuse,

I ask you, where should I eat in Paris? And all I get is the below,

‘Paris Hilton was last seen eating at the La me, la mo’….

So I’m fed up Jeeves, we’re done, you hear?

I’m going back to google!

You have all the brains and sense of a pot noodle!

Though now I come to think of it…. you lazy little toff!

Was this just all a plot to make sure you had the morning off!

The End

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