Oh Wiki! Oh Wiki! Why won't you show?

All the smart people who write what you know?

You've watched all the movies, read all the books!

You've nicked and you've stolen from crannies and nooks!

Oh wiki! Oh wiki! Please wont you tell?

How you know all recipies, cook books and spells?

How do you know whats in every drug?

How do you know, please stop bieng smug!

Oh wiki! oh Wiki! I just want to know?

How do you know how high ivy gows?

Do you know secrets? Are you a God?

Oh Wiki! Oh Wiki its really quite odd!

How do you know that Will Young is Gay?

How do you know the way muslims pray?

Whoever controls you, be it Craig, Jim or Paul!

Oh Wiki! Oh WIki you big know it all!!

The End

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