When I get bored and a little peckish,

Tired of exercising my muffin fetish,

I dawdle over, fetch myself a snack,

Then set about to googlewhack.

‘Cause nothing’s more funny than perplexing PCs,

Making my Apple Mac scream, ‘01010 PLEASE!’

Getting computers logging onto

When my stupendous



Vocabulary, hits them like a bomb

I scratch my chin and bite my lip,

Adjust my underwear a bit,

Ponder, muse, ahmm and grin,

And type my final answer in.

The screen goes mad, hourglasses spin,

Can-shall-will poor google win?

Finally, with an ominous clank,

Google reloads…and boy it’s BLANK!

Google’s brain has been superseded,

To my higher intellect it yielded!

There’s no higher glee, I’ll bet on that,

Than scoring a googlewhack!

The End

The End

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