"Goodbye" Means "I Love You"

The title speaks for itself. This is my thought process when I leave and go out into the world. And with every "goodbye" it means to me "I love you".

Sometimes we all wonder if this is worth the while

But I feel something there in your smile

We know we are going to be distant in the future

So how will we know our love with last so pure?

If we build this up, and go our ways

Will we be able to come back the same like those days?

I don’t want to go so far, without you

But it would be making my dream come true

It’s not that you’re my dream, but it would be my career

I just want you to hear

When this time comes near, I’ll be sure to think of our forthcoming

I love what we are becoming

When that time comes, I wonder how we will make it last

I will miss how you bring me to happiness, despite my past

But when you are away from someone, it doesn’t make you love them less,

It actually makes you love the people more, my love for you, I confess

I know I will shed a tear

But I know that your love will be closer than near

I’ll never really mean it when I say my, “Goodbyes”

So it will mean, I’ll be back soon and I can see you know it’s true in your eyes

There’s nothing I can do, but listen to my heart

And what it’s screaming is, “We’ll never truly be apart”

I will feel growing warmth in your embrace around me

And as I board away, I know in love, is what we’ll be

These precious moments we made

Nothing can ever make them fade

This is never going to ever end

This love is so much graceful and fierce that the wind

I’ll miss you, but that only means “I love you”

And it’s always meant that, it’s true

A little piece of heavenly joy in my heart

Faded dark

Leaving will be hurt

But coming back…will have its worth

The End

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