Goodbye Friend

For my best friend..

I've never meant I love you more,
than when I said it to you.
Best friends forever,
Though are friendship is new.

You're perfect little girl,
With a perfect little heart.
Honestly wouldn't know what to do,
If we ever got torn apart. 

But everything's changed now,
I'm not the girl I used to be.
I can truly say,
That it's not you, It's me.

You deserve better,
Way better than I.
So I must say this thing,
This thing that makes me cry.

You need someone new,
Some one you can trust.
Not the girl we both hate, 
The girl ruined with hate and lust.

That's why I'm giving you my blessing,
I have to set you free.
You'll be so much happier,
Once you're rid of me.

Good luck with your life,
Be as happy as can be.
I hope as you go along,
You'll always remember me.

The End

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