Goodbye Cruel WorldMature

Just a poem (no its not the type you think)

"Goodbye cruel world, I'm leaving you today"
I always thought those seven words,
Were ones I'd sing not say,
See I don't need a blade or gun
To end pretentious play,
I can just give up and close my eyes,
To slowly slip away.

My body has been shutting down,
I guess for quite some time,
Barely eaten a full meal in months,
And saying 'I'll be fine'
I smoke too many cigarettes,
I run from all my fears,
I try to block out loneliness
But I cry too many tears.

Now I must sit in front of a mirror,
To have a decent conversation,
As all my personalities
Discuss my situation.
Some say run and some say hide,
Some don't speak at all,
Some just slyly comment on,
The nail marks on the wall.

It really is a prison here,
It really is a curse,
That everything I try to do
Makes the depression worse.

I sit in front of the mirror,
And I let them have their say,
"Goodbye cruel world" I sing,
"I'm leaving you today."


My loudest personality
Is in fact an optimist,
At times like these I tend to think,
She's such a fucking bitch.
'I don't care about the rest of you, but I want to get better.'
And she knocks the bottles of medication
Right off the top of the dresser.

Then she punches her image angrily,
The mirror shakes and cracks,
But she's turned away from the tear stained eyes
And she wont just turn right back,
She opens the door to the garden,
And smiling steps into the sun,
She knows there'll be plenty more days like this,
But this time the battle, she won.

The sunlight makes her feel good,
So she sits down against a tree,
And the smile on her face is so rare now it's beautiful,
She's the least seen part of me.

The End

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