Goodbye bad boyMature

Left and lonely
Broken and bruised
Nobody to help her mend
Her lonely shattered heart
She takes a shiny sharp razor
So beautiful it looks between her fingertips
AS she lays down the blade
To her pale cold wrist
Scars from earlier remind her
Of what he put her through
And all the pain he has lead her to

She pushes harder down and deeper
Tears pouring down her face
She sceam's "I fucking hate you, but I just can't live without you!"

Blood starts to pool around her broken helpless body
She thinks to herself
"What if I go to deep?"
"One mistake and my sad sorrow life is over"
She grasps her wrist
The feelings of lonliness over comes her numb body again
She's feeling faint
Finding herself gasping for air
To keep her helpless heart beating
As she feels her life slipping away
As every drop of blood hits the floor
She regrets ever loving him
And believing he loved her back

The End

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