Goodbye Again

The chimes have sung,
On this somber night. 
I know that I must go today.

What have I done?
This can't be right.
But I fear I cannot stay.

The clock struck nine 
Ten minutes ago.
And I really must be going now.

Before this tale can end,
I want you to know.
I never want to leave you  now.

But as tales go,
Its never that way.
It's a story to be told another time.

But in this night, 
What left we have now:
I must commit yet another crime.

And how soft your hand,
How hot my tears.
And I still turn my back away.

How loud your cries,
And how painful my fears,
I have to leave today.

I gaze through the glass.
Down at your face.
And I see you waving up at me.

And I wave back,
Forge a hand-cranked smile.
And in your pocket is yet another piece.

A broken shard.
Of broken heart.
Every time, I leave I'm destroyed.

A spoken word,
A solemn vow.
Someday I'll rebuild the boy.

Til then, I swear.
Til then I swear.
I'll never be whole again.

The chimes have sung.
That bitter love song.
It was written who knows when.

And the clock struck nine.
A half hour ago.
And it is time for the moment to die.

The engine roars out.
You fade from sight.
And I am again destroyed. Goodbye.

The End

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