For as long as I can remember I have been living in a fantasy.. a make believe haven.. where love is a never-ending possibility, and honesty is the law. 
How naive I was to believe that I could forever fly on the wings of hope.. for as I have come to realize, hope falters with each stabbing glance at reality. 
I have awaken from a dream, so full of expectations, and yet sadly so void of anything resembling happiness. 
My eyes are, for the first time, seeing us as we truly are, destined to lead seperate lives... 
My soul will forever long for a chance, and my heart will forever mourn, but my mind is made up.. 
Each word spoken has kept me dangling by your side.. 
Each un-fullfilled promise has made me weep.. 
and so.. 
Today I cut the strings that bind us.. 
I turn from you.. 
and one FINAL time.. 
I say goodbye.. 
goodbye to the memories, to the dreams, to the hurt... 
And as I turn to walk away, I wipe the last tear I will shed for you and never look back... 
Today I am Free... 
Today I move on.. 
Today EVERYTHING inside of me dies... 

The End

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