Good Vs Evil

No souls shall escape my wrath
So I’m taking a lovely bubble bath,
With my cute, little rubber duck
And my new awesome action book!

All shall tremble at the transition
And that is why I give you this mission:
Fetch my slippers from the bottom drawer
And then go and steal a saw!

I shall construct a soldier, strong and witty
Styled off my daughter’s Hello Kitty,
And then of her request call him Miller
And he will be a bloodthirsty killer!

Yes, alright, I’ll be up in a min
Infernal wife, so full of sin
She’ll be my first field test
So I’ve sent him up to put her to rest.

He crept upstairs, I could hear her near
He opened the door, she proclaimed her fear.
Within moments, there was no word to be found,
So I went on up, aww she was snoring sound.

Now with her out of the way,
It’s time for me to seize the day,
Without a moment’s hesitation,
I went to the nearest train station.

I bid the fella a fond farewell
there were some hugs and tears did well.
With a heavy heart, he slowly went away,
And that was when I pressed play.

Instantly, I could hear the screams,
As the place was torn to smithereens
And then it all turned into fire
And the inferno rose higher and higher.

That was what was to become of my man,
But things rarely go to plan.
Pretty quickly the guy was arrested,
That was when he was truly tested.

Thankfully he didn’t tell them of me,
So I went home, off scott free.
Well not quite, my evil side lost
Next time, you will all pay the cost!


The End

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