Good Love


If you want me ,put yourself in my head

 And keep yourself there

 A thousand words splayed and entwined

 Laughter collected like souvenirs

 Do what you think will keep me lingering.

 Standing near you and wordlessly burying my hands into your pockets

 Lying on your lapels. 



 Give me some of that good love

 Breath as light as white magic

 Thoughts darker and flickering warming us through and through

 Give me some of that good love

 Touch as rich as chocolate

 As wholesome as milk.

 Give me your good love

 Your presence should thicken the air

 Yet thin out the wind

 Give me your good love

 And I will give you nothing less than the best I have.


 Feeling alive is such an insipid thing to say

 But it’s what I desire

 You feel the heart valves open and the blood pour in, enriching itself

 I want to feel that

 Full of oxygen




Let’s make shadow puppets

 Let’s squint until the halllight appears to a halo

 A halo expanding into a pillar of light

 I want no explanations

 Just feelings

 Let’s be nothing but pores

Just soaking it all in.

The End

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