Good King Death

Good king death, please look kindly on your children. A poem that I wrote with my original angel of death character Vahara in mind.

Good king Death you hold the world in the palm of your hand.

Your shadow blankets the land, a constant reminder of our fate.

They say that God is the ruler of this world and its people but it is truly you who holds the power.

Good king Death who holds the keys to eternity please look kindly on your children.

Treat us with dignity as we pass on.

Good king Death you are not always fair, taking children before parents, husbands before wives, sisters before brothers but we want to believe that you are forgiving.

Forgive our sins and see the goodness in our hearts or punish those of us who are wicked as you see fit.

Good king Death please do not forget about us as immortality is a gift most foul.

Rock us gently in your embrace as we drift across the void into the unknown.

Good King Death please wait for us.

Watch over us in our eternal sleep, hold a light above our heads to chase away the demons that plague us while we wake, protect us from the dark.

Good king Death guide us safely into the arms of Heaven.

The End

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