Good Bye, I hope

Kill me now
For my lonely heart's
Consumed me.
My dry tears
Have drowned my burning lungs.
Has crept and killed
and Lines
Every drop of my blood.
Its in every inch of my being.
I have lost everything.
I continue to live for nothing...
So please,
Kill me now.

Watch the crimson life run out of me,
A river's current of pain and loss.
Listen to the breath of my soul
Spout its last words
Watch my flailing arms beg for mercy
Issue me the pull
My aching body desires.
I am not addicted to it, no,
Just its toothy grin,
Its silky arms
Its comforting embrace.
Let me go to Satan,
Let him keep my soul for all eternity.
He will give me what I deserve...
At least then
I won't be alone.

The End

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