gone is your writer

unfinished stories,
started short and have yet to end

i have Eden
and Arden
and more, 
there are so many more names

yet there all different-
i give them personalities
and identities

as though i can make them real
by giving them problems and flaws

but they still stay inked-in pages of 
people that do not breathe in this world

i try to touch them, 
try to stifle their crying and 
refuse to give them unrequited love

but it does not help
- they still remain unfinished,
abandoned stories
floating in documents and drafts

and though i can't help but
want to scream and give them hasty endings

all i know is that they do not deserve that
just because they had a problematic creator
does not mean that they should
die with sparks and pain

so i leave them as they are,
unsure if i can give them what they want,

not knowing if their as-of-yet unfinished stories
will ever truly end - if i have moulded them so much 
after living, breathing, existing people
that they will refuse to accept death. 

The End

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