Gone From Within

Leave it there
Leave it behind
No use in what's gone.

What's what?
You mean the gray?
Oh, that's nothing.
Just shades of an older time
Previous notion
Something I can't think of anymore

No, darling
not because of pain.
Loss of hindsight
I'm sure in one moment or another
it comes in full range within my periphery
But tunnel vision has its flaws.

The tunnel?
Who knows...
It ventures from state to state
day to day.
Sometimes it leads to eerieness
Sometimes to calamity
But mostly impartialness
Which quite frankly is worse than Evil
Praise him for his consistency if nothing else

No, darling,
I'm not aching
The drips from my eyes are nothing
They're too dry for use
It's just an overflow from the heart.
Don't worry, you can't see those
You'll never get close enough

The End

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