Gone 2015


They say
it gets easier
as time goes by.
but what they don't say is
Your heart still stops when you hear his voice
you see his face in the corner of your eye
they don't say of the days where
all you remember is the past
the memories you know
you will never see again.

They say
it gets easier
as time goes by.
But they dont explain the feeling
of waking up and forgetting his face
then the way you want to break
when you realise and remember.
They don't talk of the hours you stare into space
trying to remember the sound of laughter that has gone.

You see
time passes quickly
and seasons change
 before your eyes
and within a blink a year goes past
the two then three...then eight.
and in that time you age and change
while he stays the same again
forever young, now younger
you outgrew him two years ago.

It does 
grow easier
as time goes on
but it grows worse as well
for though your heart is glued back together
its still broken and scared unlike before
and though time heals it also hates..
...for there is guilt out outliving someone else

The End

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