You say that I'm the cause of these fights

even when you know it's not right

You say you don't want me to go

But you push me away,

until there is no hope

So I'm gone.


Your lies would only ever sympathize,

but never empathize

Because you didn't get it

And if you never have the will to try

there's no point in wasting my time.


You spoke love in your words

but lies in your ways

You expect me to believe

your eyes weren't telling a different story


like you didn't care,

Your gaze danced around me

but never on me

like I wasn't there.


Your words spoke love

but your voice spoke distance.

Maybe it was this distance that tainted us,

My intentions were true

but yours, locked up

to keep me hidden from the truth.


You spoke love in your words,

but lies in your ways,

your voice spoke distance

until it pushed me away

and this distance

became distance between us,

So I'm gone.

The End

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