I watch you play with them

As tears roll down my face

I wonder where the love has gone

The love that you once had


You wonder why i left

You put the blame on me

You made me feel guilt

It's only happiness i seek

Was that too much to ask?

To feel loved once again

But still you remain the same

And I, I'm in some kind of hell


Why did you have to be so cruel?

Why couldn't you just have said

That you didn't want me there


I tried to make you see

How you made me feel

But it seemed only appropriate

That you would laugh at me


My mind was so confused

It still is even now

I try to forget it all

But my mind won't set me free


I have to understand

Why you did these things so cruel

I wish i could show you

The things you made me feel


But you will never see

Your feelings are so clear

You don not car a single bit

About the pain i have endured


Now i know a way

It makes it easier to deal

I have to forget you

Utterly, Completely

The End

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