Golden Heart

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The fiery mountains that lay between you and I
Are left insurmountable, you will not fly for me
Nor I for you, I confess to the skies, a whisper
That you hear as though placed in your ear
Yet you remain, I stay, we watch and wait
First to move, last to leave, just as it has
been always. You, dear deity, are named,
With spirit as well. You remain tall, as the
Loftiest tower, of glass, and steel and tears
Atop which the golden heart lies abandoned
Tarnished and what I desire most to hold, as it is
How the most courageous wings are clipped by dreams
And at the bottom, I witness, without fear, have you conceited?
You have preceded me for so long, and I shudder to think of any other.
As the mountains erupt and I am engulfed for the final time, I sigh, you stutter
But I am with you now lover, you are warmth, I feel lighter, you are the mountain itself
I cradle your golden heart amid the glass, steel, and tears that rain the ground with melancholy
And now I feel your earthen, yet celestial body lays next to that of mine, a prize that need not glisten,

                             Know I need no more than that which you possess,
               For I have seen all the world and you have filled my vision.

The End

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