gold fever

there was always something hidden behind the way you smiled

as if the stars were crawling their way out of your mouth

and down your chin

and into your hands


as if you had the sun for a soul 

(and i had never met anyone who had the sun for a soul)


i used to think i loved you

but perhaps I was fascinated with you the way we were fascinated by gold


(more of an unsatisfiable need than a want)


like a vine crawling up the side of an 

old brick building

i based my survival on your attention


(they don’t call it gold fever for nothing)


my mother used to tell me that if we ever met our heroes up close

we might not like what we find


and i didn’t learn much from my father

but he was right about the sun;

if you stare at it for too long, you’ll go blind

(and god knows i stared at you for decades)

The End

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