Something I thought of today during lunch...

A few weeks back, I stumbled upon a slight fortune.

And by a slight fortune, I mean that I stumbled upon a God damned gold mine.

And this isn't just any gold mine.

This gold mine has brown eyes and a smile composed of teeth that obviously don't mind being in an orderly fashion and working together.

This gold mine has hips that are perfect for hands.

This gold mine has hair that you don't mind finding on all of your clothes.

This gold mine can pull of a baseball cap, though I usually hate when gold mines wear baseball caps.

This gold mine fits in every pair of jeans she owns as if its a contest, and the prize is a Victoria's Secret gift card.

This gold mine likes to mouth the words to the worst songs when no one is watching.

This gold mine has an appreciation for movies that made less money than her parents in a year. 

This gold mine is new and refined and proper and lovely.

I only stumbled upon her a few weeks ago.

I hope the riches stay around.

The End

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