Going Somehwhere New

Poetry apposed to another story and again another attempt

I’m going to hell in a heaven shaped basket,

fairies curse and bewitch your casket.

The silver lined clouds pass slowly on by,

is bending the truth just as bad as a lie?

Forget the rules that you are meant to abide,

don’t ever tell me that you have never tried.

Rain drops relieve the heat cracked ground,

spiders footsteps are a silent sound.

Past emotions capture my soul,

peeping through yet another key hole.

Letter, word ,puzzle and rhyme,

The bells of the clock at mid night chime.

A deadly hush cascades the town,

reddened eyes and a saddening frown.

 Windows shatter to no more than a dust,

take your choice may it be love or lust.

We are still like children oblivious to the truth,

but can you prove your theory without proof?

The End

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