Going Gonzo

William Wellington wore white wherever he went. William was

albino and only accepted an achromatic world. He had crazy

conceptions, often offending people in public, perplexing them,

threatening to take their colored clothes, babbling about burning

blue things— always refusing rational reasons.

Lost one day,looking like a living piece of pinkish chalk, he chatted

to teninvisible Iguanas in a park. People gathered and gawked.

Standing still, sporting a sullen stare, he sunk into schizophrenia

as though the lawn was liquid within his hairbrained head. He

suddenly started screaming stories.

"Mary married many men

like she was on a merry-go-round

with husbands as horses…

She rode out abuse and affairs

losing love with every pull on her hair

both legs leaking blood in the snare…" William Wailed.

The crowd only heard hellish, neck noosed non- sense,

He described madness much too dense,

William went on without food or water,

Erasing each Iguana in pure poems of slaughter.

The End

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