God in my understanding

If God is there, then God is there,

And then the question is merely God is where.

If God is not, then God is not,

And then all we have, is all we've got.


If God is merely in my head,

Then as a thought, God is not dead.

And if I imagine the divine,

Then, at least for me, this God is mine.


As human souls we can conceive

That there is something more to believe,

And if these thoughts we do create,

Then God's reality we can't negate.


Is beauty, truth, the love we feel,

Matters  we declare as something real?

Then it would follow, if this is so,

That God is something that some folks know.


Is there a God? There is in me,

A spiritually, sublime reality.

I know for some, there's no divine,

There's only this world and this human mind.


And I don't mind.





The End

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