God Through the Eyes of the Analytic

Religion has nothing to do
with how we shape our lives.
We all have a predetermined end,
but between our end and our beginning,
we can choose our own paths.
Don't get me wrong,
there are mile-markers everywhere.
They join the the timelines we choose,
to follow and ignore,
in places that match our decisions.
We feel pulls towards those mile-markers,
a feeling that we have to do whatever we can
to put ourselves in the path
of the metaphorical brick wall.
For example, I feel a pull and tug
to go to Italy,
to stand in the streets of Rome and weep.
Not out of weakness
but out of respect
for fallen heroes long dead.
I want to hold a political conversation
with the pope of all people,
and cuddle with a love while sightseeing.
But how I get there is,
as my right,
my own choice.
Not that of fate.
After all, what is fate
but the result of the choice
by which the life-boat is steered
as an end to the journey.
And what are dreams
but the pictures
of what is most feared,
in pleasure and in pain.
Fate controls our dreams,
and, in turn,
our dreams control fate.
For neither exists,
but both are truly real.

Take a rose if you will
from the Garden of Eden
fertilize it like a bee.
Spread the seeds,
on in every country.
Wait about 500 years.
Come back and smell
The perfume of what has grown.
Does it smell the same as before?
No it doesn't.
Plant another
and another
and yet another.
Cover the brown earth
with red, red roses.
Then let them burn.
From the ashes,
build a city.
Start with five families.
A husband and a wife
and at least one child
are needed.
Wait another hundred years.
Burn down the city
and move on.

It is the cycle of gods.
The universe constantly moves.
The living die.
The dead rot.
And from their graves
rise the stories of champions.
Carved on stone walls,
now no more than simple tablets,
are their tales,
their struggles against fate.
It is here that our stories begin.
Here, where our people began,
we also begin
and thus we start to end.
But is it really the end?

After all
the end of the cycle
is the beginning of another.
And with each new cycle
comes new champions,
new heroes,
new ways to express love.
Truths will be disguised
with the passing of this time,
but the art of our hearts
will continue to inspire
the future.
Like the past inspires
us today.

So what is religion
but the creation of explanation 
by man to describe God.
Religion has nothing to do
with how we shape our lives.
It guides us though
through the pathways
we must choose
to lead us to the Perfects,
but it does not control us.
Life ends.
Death begins
and then ends.
But the flame
of that Holy One
burns longer than all others
and destroys
and purifies
all in its path. 

The End

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