God Shall Cast His Eyes Down

I wrote this poem following a Louis Thereoux documentary on a Christian Cult. I am a Methodist and this is my feelings and annoyance towards these cults, and how I believe they can't be members of the same religion as me- 'Love thy neighbour' is quite clear to me!


God shall cast his eyes down

And he will pass judgement,

Well his ‘servants’ tell that tale.

They quote the scriptures,

Surely righteous anointed with book and verse,

Upon their placards of hate.

Muslims, Gays, Jews repent repent-

Shrill cries like Jesus crucified.


God shall cast his eyes down

And his judgement shall fall defiant,

Ringing and echoing like a gavel-

The judge’s gavel of hollow justice.

But the select few shall be saved.

Saved by the soft and silver lining of heaven,

Hidden behind their feeble crucifixes.


God shall cast his eyes down,

Upon us all.

Even those kneeling cannot go unnoticed,

They shall not hide their burning hearts-

Hearts burning hotter than damnation’s blazing coals,

Yet colder than sniping snow and ice.

Jesus told a message of love and peace;

What in that could be misconstrued?


God shall cast his eyes down

And he will pass judgement,

He shall cast his eyes down upon hell-

The hell disguised as his paradise-

The hell his loyalist family call righteous,

As they create their sinful carnival

Beside an innocent casket.


They preach of hell and damnation awaiting,

Lurking for those who do not conform.

Well have your placards, your feeble crucifixes;

I will tell of God’s love.

They need not fear the hell of tomorrow,

As wrapped in damnation they dwell today.


God shall cast his eyes down

And he will pass judgement.

So bow your heads in shame at

Jesus Christ who died for love…

The End

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