God is Fake

The Pope gives no hope.

He is a fake, a burnt out rotten cake.

A liar and an abusive fryer.

He is a joke, a hoax, a magical incantation of false hope.

I am tired of folks believing without any evidence to back such a ludicrous vote.

People are fools, buffoons, babbling idiots and goons.

Soon they will know the truth, for I shall not be a mute.

For He does not exist, simply a roman myth.

Do all you Catholics dig this?

How about the big man, think he can hear this?...

Dear Matt, you wrote something that sounds like it was written by a dieing cat, getting bitten by a bat whilst sitting on a rotting rat.

Were you high when you witnessed Christ die?

Did you remember to say goodbye? Was the book his idea of a last look, a final, "Up Yours Emperor Pi, thought you would enjoy this whilst imagining me die. Sincerly yours the one and only J Chri..."


The End

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